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By donating towards our Vet Bill you can help us continue the critical work we do to save sick and injured dogs.


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This is an urgent fundraiser to resume work at the New Shelter

  • Raised: 78132.00
  • Goal: 1000000
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Our Causes

Donate For Sterilization

You can spread awareness about Spay/Neuter and encourage people around you to spay/neuter their pets and community dogs they care…

Donate For Food

KAW started its feeding program during the COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020, and continues feeding 300 dogs and 50 cows…

Donate For Medicines

We have many dogs that require regular medication, and our new rescue cases are always in need of medical intervention…

Donate For Rehoming

When we fundraise to send a dog abroad, there are several needs that must be fulfilled. Costs for the dog…