A pet parent understands the importance of maintaining a bond with their pet. They are like family members; in fact, they are the family. They take care of our everyday stress, reduce our anxiety and provide us with our best time when we are not feeling well, and here the question arises. 

WHAT ABOUT THEIR HEALTH? They cannot speak and can't let us know about their well-being. Hence, it is our responsibility to keep them on the safer side.

But if there comes any mishappening, one must be aware of their first aid rules. 

First aid for animals differs from humans', and lack of knowledge can sometimes lead to disastrous results even if you had good intentions. One should never forget that first aid is not a substitute for a doctor. 

If you help your pet with the first aid, you are not done yet; you must see him to a doctor.

Pet First Aid Guide

Here's what to do in the most common pet emergencies.

What should a kit contain:

  1. Gauze                                                  
  2. Non-Stick Bandages                         
  3. Adhesive Tape                                    
  4. Cotton Balls                                        
  5. Hydrogen peroxide                             
  6. Antibiotic spray                                
  7. Milk of Magnesia                            
  8. Digital Thermometer   
  9. Medicine Pillbox
  10. Scissors  
  11. Tweezers
  12. Magnifying Glass
  13. Syringes
  14. Flashlight
  15. Towel
  16. Soft Muzzle