Why do we charge an adoption fee?

This is a question we get asked regularly, usually followed by irate individuals telling us we “sell” dogs, or that “other organizations don’t charge fees.”

The reason for charging an adoption fee is simple.

All the dogs that come to KAW come from situations of abuse, neglect or cruelty.

These dogs are usually in extremely poor physical condition, and require weeks or months of medical care to regain their health. This means regular medication, vet visits, potential physiotherapy and surgeries.

Additionally, the dogs that come to us are put up for adoption after being vaccinated and sterilized (if of age). We care for them in every way possible until they go to their forever homes.

Our adoption fee only covers a small amount of how much we provide for these dogs- rarely even 5% of the amount we have spent on the dog from our end. The care of 100+ dogs is difficult and can be very expensive, especially given the vast number of KAW dogs that have special needs. The adoption fee goes back into helping KAW rescue even more dogs.

Charging an adoption fee is an accepted norm in organizations abroad, and has nothing to do with “selling” a dog. Here, we are charging the fee for the work that’s been put into the dog, so that funds can be directed back towards other dogs that need our help.

Our adoption fee breakup is as follows:

Healthy puppy (below 2 years)- Rs 4000
Healthy adult (2+ years)- Rs 3000
Senior dogs (8+ years)- Rs 2500
Disabled dogs- Rs 2500
Unsterilized dogs- 2500

In cases where no treatment is required and the dog did not stay at the shelter for long, no fee will be charged.

The adoption fee will be charged at the time of confirmation of adoption.

By Swati Kankan.


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