Feed A Stray

From the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020, our team at KAW realized the negative impact that would be had on stray animals who were dependent on human beings for their daily food. We decided to address this issue through our feeding program & feeder support program.


We dove into action and started by feeding 100 animals near the shelter. Through March and April of 2020 we expanded from feeding only dogs, to dogs and cows, and were feeding up to 350 animals daily during the lockdown. Till date we are feeding 100+ animals on a daily basis.

The feeding of these stray animals will go on indefinitely, and our team has a larger end goal of vaccinating and sterilizing these dogs in order to maintain their health and help control the population from expanding.

Feeding dogs is only step one of helping them live better lives. Simply providing them with nourishment is not a long term solution to the problems that stray animals face. As the population of stray dogs increases, their lives become harder, food becomes scarcer, and accident cases increase.

For us and others to continue with welfare work, we need to keep the population under control or our resources will be spread too thin. As you are all aware, it is already a struggle to provide these animals with the care they deserve, and we must ensure the situation doesn’t get worse.

Each day’s feeding costs Rs 3000. Every day that we raise this amount is a victory as it is another day that they don’t go hungry.


While engaging in this work from our end, we are also aware that there are many feeders in Delhi NCR, who are unable to procure food for their community animals easily. It is not possible for KAW as an organisation to tackle the needs of all dogs in the area, but by creating a network of feeders we can positively affect many more lives.

To support the efforts of individual feeders in our area, we have also started a feeder support program through which we distribute in-kind donations to feeders across NCR. We provide food on a monthly basis to verified feeders who are able to follow the guidelines of our program.

If you would like to help our team in relation to resources for the feeder support program, do connect with us: [email protected]

If we can provide ration for 20 such feeders who feed at least 50 dogs then we are supporting a 1000 dogs through these donations. By the end of 2021, we hope to regularly support at least 40 feeders, or 2000 dogs.

To sign up as a feeder so we can consider you for this initiative please fill this form https://kannananimalwelfare.org/kaw-feeder-form