Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1.Terms and Conditions while visiting the shelter:

  • All and every action of yours within the shelter premises will be under surveillance by either CCTV or other recording or the accompanying shelter volunteer/employee for the purpose of safety but not limited to it.
  • All the information provided by you while entering the shelter premises are assumed to be true and correct at the given time. If found incorrect, KAWF is at the liberty of taking legal counter-measures.
  • No photos or videos of the shelter can be made or shared without the consent from related authorities.

2. Terms and Conditions of donation:

  • All donations made to KAWF are non-refundable at all points.
  • Donations made via different portals will share a generated receipt only if email address and other required personal data is provided when asked. How we handle your personal data can be read in Privacy Policy.

3. Terms and Conditions when using Website:

  • You agree to use this site only for lawful purposes, and in a manner that does not infringe the rights of anyone else, nor restrict or inhibit their use and enjoyment of this site. We do not allow advertisements, especially of sales of animals, but talking about other animal charities is fine.
  • All material on this site is the copyright of KAWF or third parties. You may view the contents of this site on screen. You are also permitted to print one copy of reasonable extracts from the site for your personal use or private study and to save one copy of such reasonable extracts to your local hard disk for your personal use or private study. Apart from this and other than as authorised by KAWF, no part of this site or of any material on it may be reproduced in any form whatsoever without first obtaining the written permission of KAWF or the third-party copyright holder.
  • In particular, material may not be incorporated in any other work or publication, whether in hard copy or electronic form and commercial use or publication of any material on this site is strictly prohibited (other than as necessary for the purpose of viewing the site in the course of business).
  • KAWF name and logo are trademarks of KAWF. Other logos and names used on this site may also be the trademarks of KAWF or their respective owners. These trademarks may not be reproduced without the consent of the relevant owners.
  • The material in the site is provided for general information only and is not intended as specific advice. Whilst we try to ensure that the information in the site is accurate, we can accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the site content. Users who rely on the information in the site do so at their own risk.

4. Terms and conditions regarding agreements/contracts signed with KAWF

  • In general KAWF gets the following kinds of agreements signed:
  • (a) Adoption agreement

    (b) Foster agreement

    (c) Employment agreement

    (d) Volunteer/Internship agreement

    (e) Non- Disclosure agreement

  • Violation of adoption and foster agreement can have legal repercussions as will be mentioned in individual agreements and as per but not limited to the pre-existing laws.
  • Violation of employment/volunteer/internship agreement will also invite legal actions.
  • Not disclosure agreements are for the safety and confidentiality of the organisation as a whole. While KAWF strives to be as transparent as possible, for the privacy of its employees, collaborators and clients, it is important that a non-disclosure agreement, when signed, is followed through. Otherwise, KAWF or any third party can take legal action on the violating party.
  • No agreement or contract from KAWF can be used for personal uses or by other rescuers/fosters/organisations/volunteers for their own cases. In the need of using it, a written permission has to be obtained from KAWF regarding the limited use of the agreements. KAWF will not be responsible for any agreement signed or violated by unauthorised third party, using KAWF’s template or agreement for itself.