What We Do

At KAW, our primary focus is to rescue extremely critical cases, those that have been turned away either due to the nature of the medical procedure required or the cost involved. Most of these cases are pushed for euthanasia, but we do not believe in giving up- if a dog has the will to fight and survive, we will ensure it gets the treatment needed to support that.

Rescue & Treatment

KAW is a small team focused on cases that demand critical care. We pick up severely injured dogs in the NCR region and are limited by the space available at the shelter. The cases we most typically come across include infected wounds, maggot wounds, fractures due to accidents,Neurological or Paralysis, abuse victims, skin diseases such as sarcoptic and demodectic mange, tick-borne diseases, canine TVT and specialised surgeries like grafting, brain surgeries, heart surgeries etc.

While KAW has a strict policy when it comes to releasing animals depending on the situation, we do return those dogs that can go back to their territory safely post-treatme nt and has a local caretaker. Others either stay on as permanent residents or will be included in the rehoming program.

Treatment of all cases picked up by KAW is carried out at Max Vets.

Rehoming & Fostering

As KAW only takes on truly critical cases, we rescue a limited number of dogs in a year, between 150-200. 90% of these dogs are unable to return to the street, keeping our shelter close to maximum capacity at all times. In order to create more space for more dogs, one of our main areas of focus is rehoming. At present, we have rehomed 120+ dogs internationally in the last 5 years, and have 8 international rehoming partners across the United States and Canada.

A quality life is essential for us; when we rescue a dog, we take on full responsibility for them, and rehoming is a critical part of that. In order to be assured they will have good families, homes, and lives, we look to partner with the most reliable organisations we can find. We believe very strongly in complying with all legal processes and do not send across any animal without all the necessary paperwork, qualifications, and behavioural assessments of the dog in question.

We have also recently begun rehoming dogs locally, and are setting up a local foster system.

Spay & Neuter

Sterilization is the only humane way to control the overpopulation of stray dogs. By getting a community dog spayed/neutered you are saving the lives of thousands of dogs, who otherwise would have died homeless on the streets.

KAW has a transparent and stringent procedure in place to conduct spay & neuter. We are happy to collaborate with RWAs & individual caretakers to work on sterilization and immunization of dogs in their area. Please read more about our sterilization initiative here.

Community feeding

KAW started feeding 250+ stray animals on a daily basis starting March 2020, and plans to continue this indefinitely. We also support the efforts of individual feeders across NCR by helping them procure food and funds required to continue feeding the stray animals in their care.

To know more about our feed a stray initiative, please go here.

You can take a look at other initiatives by KAW under "Our programs."

In order to collaborate with us, write to one of the IDs below:

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