These are the steps followed in the KAW adoption/foster process:

1. Contact us over WhatsApp or email us as an applicant
2. We will have a brief conversation with basic questions.
3. Fill adoption/foster application form: ‘Foster to adopt’.
4. Update the team coordinator once the form is filled.
5. Telephonic interview: Follow up questions on responses filled in the form and answering applicant questions related to the dog.
6. Visit the dog: This would be either at the foster home or at our shelter in Noida.
7. House visit: Will be done by a member of our team to meet the entire family and to ensure that the environment is suitable for the dog in question.
8. Approval, rejection, or discussing other options.

In the case of adoption:

1.Foster trial: A minimum period of 2 weeks is required as a foster trial period prior to adoption paperwork to be signed.
2. Foster paperwork will be signed prior to this trial period.
3. Adoption finalization and adoption contract signing.
4. Pick up or drop off of the dog.

In case of foster:

1.Minimum of 2 weeks for the dog to settle in.
2. The foster period would ideally be 6 weeks.
3. Foster paperwork signed.
4. Pick up or drop off of the dog.

Due to restrictions caused by COVID-19, some of this procedure may be changed and there can be delays of a few weeks in the adoption/foster process.